Epson TM-T88: Kitchen Printer not Printing

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff

If your kitchen printer is not printing KOTs, there may be an issue with the printer's internet connection, power, or receipt paper supply.

Checking Your Printer's Receipt Paper

  1. Open your printer by pressing the Open Cover Button on the top of the printer (shown below in light gray)
  2. If there is a paper jam, clear it
  3. If the printer is out of paper, remove the old roll and place a new roll in the printer
  4. Close the printer cover

Checking Your Printer's Power

  1. Check the lights on the top of the printer and ensure the topmost light is lit up
    • If it is not:
      1. Ensure the printer power cord is connected at the base of the printer
      2. Ensure the printer power cord is securely attached to a power source
      3. Ensure the power source is receiving power

Checking Your Printer's Connection

  1. Turn off your printer using the power button at the front
  2. Turn on the printer while simultaneously holding the 'Feed' button
  3. Wait for a slip to print with the printer's IP address
  4. Log in to the GRUBBRR portal
  5. Select 'Configure' from the left sidebar menu
  6. Select 'Printer Settings' from the dropdown
  7. Select 'Edit' on the appropriate kitchen printer
  8. Ensure the IP address matches the one that has been printed out

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