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Samsung Kiosks: Updating Your Kiosk Application through the Kiosk

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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Periodically, you may want to update your kiosk application to the latest version available. Please note, that unless support directs you to update your application, you never are required to update your application on your own.

Updating your Kiosk application is a two-step process; the Samsung kiosk requires you to uninstall the previous version before installing a new build from the cloud. 

Uninstalling the Previous Version of your App

  1. Hold one of the bottom corners of the kiosk screen until the passcode prompt appears. 
  2. Enter the kiosk device passcode provided to you by GRUBBRR
  3. Select Home
  4. Select App Management
  5. From the app management screen, select Uninstall Kiosk App

  6. Select Delete App on the Uninstall Kiosk App popup. 

Installing the GRUBBRR App

    1. Tap on App Management
    2. Select Install from Web Server

    3. Select Enter URL Manually
    4. Enter
    5. Select Done
    6. Select Install
    7. The kiosk application will open to the login screen, sign in using your location's credentials

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