Updating Your Kiosk Application

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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Periodically, you may want to update your kiosk application to the latest version available. Please note, unless support directs you to update your application, you never are required to update your application on your own.

To update your kiosk application:

  1. Hold one of the bottom corners of the kiosk screen until a menu appears
  2. Select 'Home'
  3. Select 'App Management'image1.jpg
  4. Select 'Install from Web Server'
  5. Select the URL and ensure it reads https://builds.grubbrr.net/kiosk/v1/latest/kiosk.zip
  6. Select 'Done'
  7. Select 'Install'
  8. The kiosk application will open to the login screen, sign in using your location's credentials


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