Clover SMB: Setting up your Kitchen Printer

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Your Clover SMB account offers you the choice to either purchase a secondary kitchen printer or configure your existing Clover kitchen printer to print kiosk tickets. If you wish to use your existing Clover printer, though, there are some mandatory settings that you must enable through the Clover Portal for the system to work effectively.

Please ensure that all of the settings in this guide are properly configured to enable kiosk order printing with your GRUBBRR Kiosk.


This guide is intended for the following printers: 

  • SP700
  • TSP100
  • TSP143
  • Clover Mini Printer
  • Clover Station Printer
  • Epson TM L90 Sticky

Important Note: Installing a Kitchen Printer

When installing your Kitchen printer, make sure it is on the same network as your GRUBBRR Kiosk and Clover POS. The kiosk will not be able to detect your printer if it's on a separate network.  

Clover Portal Configurations

  1. Log in to your Clover account
  2. From the left sidebar menu, select 'Account & Setup'
  3. From the Transactions section, select 'Order Receipts'
  4. Select 'Order note' and
  5. Select 'Show customer info'
  6. Select 'Save'

Clover POS Configurations

Connecting Printers to Your Clover POS

  1. Tap Printers

  2. Tap the Add Printer icon in the bottom right of the screen. This is the green Plus sign icon, pictured below.
  3. Tap Order Printer
  4. Select the printer from the Add Order Printer screen to connect to your Clover Flex device. This list will only show printers detected on your network.

Changing Auto Print Settings

To ensure that your Kitchen Printer only prints tickets once an order has been paid for, we recommend making the following configurations to your printer's Auto Print settings: 

  • Select Printers on your POS' home screen
  • Open the settings menu by clicking the three dashes at the top left corner of the screen
  • Select Order Receipts
  • Select Order Receipt Print Timing
  • Select Print When Hitting Pay

  • Select Save to apply your changes

Reviewing Connected Printer Information

  1. To get information about an installed printer, tap the printer
  2. This screen shows additional information about a printer

Printing a Test Receipt only checks that the printer is working; it doesn’t show any configuration information about the printer.

Connecting Printers to GRUBBRR Kiosks

  1. Access the 'Printer Apptab on your Clover POS Device. Look for a blue link on the bottom of the page labeled 'Manage printing preferences for Online Ordering.'
  2. On this tab, we need to enable both options. First, under 'Select printer for labeled items,' select the kitchen printer you will use.
  3. Selection 2 is labeled 'Choose an option for full order or unlabeled items.' Check the box under this selection. 
  4. Next, select the option 'Print unlabeled items receipt' in the box that this opens
  5. Finally, click the blue 'Edit' button and select your kitchen printer.

These options will tell your POS to send all orders from the GRUBBRR kiosk to your kitchen printer.


Once your Clover POS has been configured, we must ensure that the GRUBBRR Portal has been properly configured to communicate with your printers.

Enabling Clover Default Order Printer

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal at
  2. On the left sidebar, select Settings
  3. Select Printer Settings
  4. On the printer settings screen, make sure the option to Use Clover Default Order Printer is toggled ON.

Enabling this option will prompt the GRUBBRR Portal to send all orders to the printer you chose through your POS.

Enabling Print Order Token

  1. In the left sidebar, select Settings
  2. Select Kiosk Settings
  3. Select Order
  4. Select Receipt Options
  5. Select Tip Settings
  6. On the Tip Settings screen, enable Print Order Token
  7. Save your changes. 

Pushing Changes to Kiosk

Once your kiosk has been configured, select the Sync button in the top right corner of the page, and select Push to Kiosk.

Once these configurations have been applied to your system, you should see receipts begin to print appropriately. 

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