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Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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1. Unbox Your GRUBBRR Kiosk

Once you receive your devices, the first step is unboxing. Your Samsung Kiosk will come pre-assembled in a single box. 

Remove the Samsung kiosk from the box and place it where you plan on using the kiosk. 

2. Set up Your GRUBBRR Kiosk

Your kiosk will ship with a power cable and ethernet cable already attached. 


Connect the kiosk to the internet by plugging the available end of the ethernet cable into a nearby ethernet port. If the ethernet cable currently provided is not long enough to connect to a nearby port, you can follow our ethernet swap process here.

Then, plug the available end of the power cable into a nearby outlet. 

3. Load the Kiosk Printer

  1. To access the printer, pull open the bottom left compartment from the front of the kiosk
  2. Pull the orange brackets apart slightly and insert the roll of paper
    • Be sure that the paper is unrolling from the top of the roll
  3. Lift up the rectangular orange tab
  4. Put the paper on top of the rollers and slide it through the opening
  5. Close the hinged metal piece onto the paper
  6. The paper will advance automatically if loaded correctly
  7. Close the printer compartment when finished

4. Set up & Load Your Kitchen Printer

To set up your kitchen printer, start by removing it from the second box. Place your printer in the kitchen, somewhere your staff will know to look for order tickets. 


A second ethernet cable will come bagged with your kitchen printer. Retrieve this cable now, and connect it from the back of the printer (shown above in red) to a nearby ethernet port. 

The printer will also ship with a power cable in the same box, connect the two ends of the power cable together and to the back of the printer (shown above in green). Then plug the available end of the power cable into a nearby power source. 

Your kitchen printer will ship with a partial roll of paper within the device. Luckily, the Samsung Kiosk receipt paper and the kitchen printer receipt paper are the same. Both devices use 3 ⅛” x 230’ BPA-Free Thermal Receipt Paper, which can be conveniently ordered from a variety of online merchants. 

To load the kitchen printer with a fresh roll of paper: 

  1. Open the paper compartment by lifting the gray lever until the cover separates
  2. Lift the cover and remove the previous roll of paper (if there is one) 
  3. Place the new roll of paper into the open compartment while pulling the end of the paper up and over the edge of the printer
  4. Close the compartment cover to secure the paper in place

5. Obtain the Printer's IP Address

Once the printer is connected to power and the internet, you will be able to obtain a device IP address. Make sure that the printer is powered off before proceeding.

  1. Press and hold the ‘Feed’ button
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the ‘Power’ button
  3. After a few seconds, a test print should begin
  4. At the bottom of this test print, there will be a ‘*Communication Type*’ section, find the ‘IP Address’ section and make a note of the value
    • You will need this information when you contact GRUBBRR support to register your printer. 

6. Obtain the Payment Device’s IP Address

To find the IP address of your payment device:

  1. Press and hold the green circle button on the PIN pad for ~10 seconds
  2. The device will begin its reboot process
    • Prepare to take a photo of the payment device, as each reboot screen only appears very briefly
  3. After a series of screens, an IP Address screen will appear
    • The screen includes a green checkmark on a white background
    • The only content on the screen will be the device's IP address
  4. Take a quick picture of the IP Address 
  5. Allow the payment device to finish the reboot

7. Call GRUBBRR Support

After you have obtained an IP address for your payment device as well as the kitchen printer, you will need to call GRUBBRR support at 855-547-8227.

Before you call, make sure to:

  • Be on-site with the Samsung Kiosk and kitchen printer
  • Be prepared to share your name and the name of your business
  • Have the IP address of your payment device and kitchen printer

Once you are connected to a support representative, they will walk you through the final steps of registering your devices.

At the end of your phone call, they will help you take a test transaction to ensure everything is working exactly as it should, and walk you through the refund process on the front end. 

8. Go Live!

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