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GRBUBRR's menu scheduling feature allows you to easily configure when and how items are available to your customers.  For example, you could use this feature to mark an item as only available in the evening or only offer items from a menu category on the weekends. You can even configure "flash sales" for the same items during multiple time slots on the same day!

Where to Find Menu Scheduling Options

Menu scheduling is controlled within the GRUBBRR Kiosk Portal. These features can be found by doing the following: 

  1. Sign in to the Portal
  2. Select Menu in the left sidebar
  3. Select Menu Scheduling

  4. The Menu Scheduling page has two tabs to choose from. Category Scheduling and Item Scheduling are each organized separately to make managing your menu easy. 

You can use the Search Keyword feature to search through existing scheduled items/categories. The feature searches both lists to find relevant results. 

Creating a New Scheduled Category or Item

To create a new Scheduled Category or Item, follow the steps below: 

  1. Select Add Schedule on the tab for Categories or Items, depending on the section you wish to configure.
  2. Assign a Name to your new menu schedule
  3. The section labeled Time Range Scheduler allows you to configure your new menu schedule. You can use this section to make the following changes:
    • Clicking the blue toggle labeled Same schedule for every day allows you to choose whether you want to make one schedule for the entire week, or if you would like to configure each day individually.

      • If this option is toggled off, the system will offer a second toggle labeled copy time range. Turning this option on will allow you to schedule a single time range (see below) and apply that range to all days you configure in this section
  4. Click the blue Plus symbol (+) to add a new scheduled time to a specific day/days
  5. Click on the time fields in the dropdown menu to open up the 24-hour clock tool. Use the tool to assign start and end times for your scheduled items/categories to display on your menu
  6. Finally, Add or Remove Categories/items from your Schedule:

    • To add a category to the scheduling group, drag it from the left column to the right.
    • To remove a category from the scheduling group, drag it from the right column to the left
  7. Select Save Changes to update your new schedule in the system. 

Editing a Scheduled Item/Category

To edit a scheduled item or category, click the blue pencil icon in that item’s or category’s row.

This will open up the configuration page that you used when you first created the item. Simply configure the settings as outlined in the steps above, then select Save Changes to apply the updates to your schedule. 

Note: If the item or category is scheduled differently on different days, the Same Schedule For Every Day toggle will be enabled on the editing page. To show the correct scheduling, disable the toggle.

Deleting a Scheduled Item/Category

To delete a Scheduled Element, click the blue trash can icon. This will open a confirmation pop-up allowing you to remove the schedule from your Portal permanently. 
Note: This can not be undone!

Important Notes about Scheduling & Item Availability

There are two important things to keep in mind about the interactions between Item Scheduling and the GRUBBRR kiosk: 

  1. First, if an item is scheduled to become unavailable at a certain time, it can be added to the customer's order until that time has passed. After that, it will still be shown on the kiosk within the category listing until the customer switches to a different category or completes their order. If the item has already been put in the cart, it will remain in the cart and can be purchased by a customer. The customer can change the quantity of the item being purchased.
  2. If an item becomes available during an order, it will not show up on the kiosk until a new order is started. 

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