Verifone P400: Getting your Payment Device's IP Address

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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Sometimes, you may need to verify your P400 payment device's IP address, either for troubleshooting in the GRUBBRR Portal or at the request of GRUBBRR support. While there are a few different ways to obtain this information, this article will cover the simplest and most direct. 

Where Can You Find the IP Address?

Once it has confirmed its connection to your network, the P400 device automatically displays its IP address as part of its boot-up process. You will see a white screen with a green check mark; at the bottom of this screen, the Verifone will list its IP address, as pictured below:

Restarting to Display the IP Address

Because displaying the IP address is part of your payment device's boot process, an easy way to check the IP address is to force your device to restart. To do so, press and hold the green button (pictured below) at the bottom right of your payment device's keypad for 12-15 seconds. This will cause the device to restart, allowing you to capture the IP address during the boot process. 

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