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The GRUBBRR Portal is an extremely versatile and configurable tool. Before going into specific settings and configurations, though,  we'd like to give you a brief overview of the functions and features provided by GRUBBRR's Portal and kiosk devices. All of these functions will be explained in more detail in other articles across this site; however, this article intends to give you a brief introduction to the first thing you'll see when signing in to your GRUBBRR Portal: the Dashboard. 

Signing In

To access the GRUBBRR Portal, use the username and password provided by GRUBBRR support to log in to 

The Dashboard

Once you've signed in, you'll find yourself on the GRUBBRR dashboard. The dashboard collects many of the most common functions of the GRUBBRR Portal, gathering them all into a single convenient location to make it as easy as possible to manage your business. 

Let's take a quick look at some of the features provided by the GRUBBRR Portal. 

Sales Summary

The Sales Summary panel provides you with a brief overview of sales data for a selected time period (Default: One day). Hovering over the grey question marks will display a summary of the formulas used to calculate this data. 


The KPI panel highlights specific performance indicators, such as average, highest, and lowest tickets. If your customers choose to provide contact information during their transaction, the system can also tell you how many of your sales were to new or returning customers. 

My Workspace

The My Workspace panel provides you with quick links to common tasks, such as adding/editing/86ing items, mapping items to kitchens, or viewing & refunding orders. Clicking on any of the buttons in this panel sends you directly to the appropriate page. 

Channel Sales

This panel breaks down sales numbers according to where the transaction took place. 

Payment Types

This panel breaks down sales numbers according to the tender used to complete the order. 

Online Ordering

The Online Ordering panel provides quick access to controls for Online Orders. Toggle permission for guests to submit Online Orders, change static estimates for delivery/pickup, or set temporary estimates to keep your customers informed. 

Top Sellers

The Top Sellers panel tracks the categories and specific items that sold the best over the chosen time period. See how many units of the item and the total revenue of those sales. 

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