GRUBBRR Tutorial #1: Creating a Category

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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This video tutorial showcases the steps to create new menu categories when using GRUBBRR as a standalone sales solution. The steps in this tutorial have also been outlined beneath the video for your convenience. 

To Create a Menu Category:

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal
  2. Select the appropriate location from the menu
  3. Select Menu from the left sidebar menu
  4. Select Catalog Management from the dropdown
  5. Select Categories from the dropdown
  6. Select +Add New in the upper right section of the screen
  7. Enter the Category's Name
  8. Enter a Display Name if desired
  9. Enter a Description  if desired
  10. Upload a Category Image from your computer
  11. If you want your items to display in a specific order, you can add a numerical value to the Display Order field. Otherwise, your new category will be added to the bottom of the order. 
  12. Select 'Save'

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