GRUBBRR Tutorial #5: Changing a Menu Item's Image

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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This video tutorial showcases the steps to change the display image of your menu items through the GRUBBRR Portal. The steps in this tutorial have also been outlined beneath the video for your convenience. 

To change an item's display image: 

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal
  2. Select the appropriate location from the menu
  3. Select Menu from the left sidebar menu
  4. Select Catalog Management from the dropdown
  5. Select Items from the dropdown
  6. Click on the blue Edit button in the Action column of the item you wish to edit, OR click on the item's picture in the Image column
  7. Click the Change Image option
  8. Select a new image from your computer to replace the image in your GRUBBRR Portal
  9. Select Save

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