GRUBBRR Tutorial #7: Creating Modifiers

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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This video tutorial focuses on creating new modifiers for your menu items through the GRUBBRR Portal. The steps in this tutorial have also been outlined beneath the video for your convenience. 

To Create Modifiers (Ingredients): 

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal
  2. Select the appropriate location from the menu
  3. Select Menu from the left sidebar menu
  4. Select Ingredient Management
  5. Select Add New
  6. On the Selection Create screen, configure the following:
    • The Selection Name
    • A User-defined Selection Code
    • An Image for display on your kiosk
    • Make sure that the flag for Ingredient is Enabled
    • Assign the Ingredient a unit of measurement, if desired. 
      • Note: While this section is marked as mandatory, the system will accept the default value of "None" for measurement. 
  7. Click Save

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