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The GRUBBRR KDS makes tracking and managing orders at your GRUBBRR Kiosks accessible. In this guide, we'll show you how to connect the KDS device to your GRUBBRR Portal and walk you through how you can configure the device to best meet your needs. 

Connecting your KDS to the GRUBBRR Portal

Connecting your KDS to the GRUBBRR Portal is simple. Once your KDS device has been installed, enter the Email and Password you use to sign in to your Kiosk and click Sign in. 

The device will take a moment to communicate with your GRUBBRR Portal, then open the Orders screen. This indicates that your device has been connected properly. 

Configuring your KDS in the GRUBBRR Portal

To configure your new KDS, sign in to your GRUBBRR account here. From the dashboard, follow these steps to configure the settings of your new device: 

  1. Click on Settings in the left sidebar
  2. Select KDS from the dropdown
  3. On the KDS settings screen, click on the blue Edit button for your new KDS device
    • Note: The string of numbers and letters after KDS- should match the App ID on your KDS login screen
  4. On the Edit KDS Screen, configure the following: 

    • Make sure that the Device Name is clear and easily identified
    • Map your KDS to an appropriate KDS Printer
    • Under KDS Type, select whether your KDS is:
      • Regular KDS, which is only responsible for orders mapped to its kitchen, or
      • An Expediter KDS, which is responsible for orders mapped to all kitchens
    • Determine whether you would like your KDS to display in Dark Mode (recommended) or Light Mode
    • Determine the No. of Rows you would like displayed on your KDS screen. GRUBBRR recommends setting this to 4 or less

In addition to these basic configurations, there are several more advanced settings that you can configure for your KDS: 

  1. Print Receipt settings, which influence how your KDS prints out tickets
    • Quantity Settings: 
      • Whole Order tells the KDS to print out a single receipt for the entire order while
      • Individual Receipt prints out a separate ticket for each item on the order
    • Print Timing Settings:
      • Print Before tells your KDS to print a ticket when an order is received, 
      • Print on Completion means your KDS will print a ticket when an order is marked as complete, and 
      • Print on Highlight tells your KDS to print a ticket only when it is selected in the KDS. 
    • Print Only Customized Items tells the KDS only to print tickets for items that have been modified in some way by the customer
  2. Additional Settings to configure your KDS behaviors, such as

    • Send SMS tells your KDS to send your guests a text message when their order is marked as complete
    • Auto Scroll to New Orders tells your KDS to automatically display new orders as they come in, rather than placing them at the bottom of the queue
    • Show Customer Name tells your KDS to display your customer's name at the top of the order ticket
    • Show Category Name tells your KDS to display item categories as well as names
    • Use Bump Bar enables the use of an external Bump Bar controller
    • Minimize Sidebar reduces the left sidebar ("In Progress," "Completed," and "Canceled") to icons instead of full text
    • Device Settings Lockdown disables the settings menus in your KDS device; with this feature enabled, you will only be able to configure device settings through the GRUBBRR Portal
    • Hide 1x from Kot tells your KDS not to print item counts for single items on tickets
    • Mark as Sold Out on Long Press allows you to tap and hold an item on the KDS screen and mark it as 86'ed in your system; with our version 4.0 release, marking an item as sold out on your KDS will automatically update your Kiosk menu as well
    • Notify Customer for Item Availability tells your system to send a text message to guests if an item is marked Sold out after an order has been processed
    • Show Delay Order Button allows you to mark an order as delayed through your KDS
  3. Print Mode allows you to choose between two Print Settings:

    1. Standard Print, meant for kitchen tickets or
    2. Coffee House Print, which prints smaller tickets that can be attached to coffee cups

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