Clover SMB: Updating your Kiosk App through the GRUBBRR Backend

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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GRUBBRR's Clover SMB Solution has made managing the software on your kiosk easier than ever. You can now manage updates or rollbacks for all your kiosks directly through the GRUBBRR backend! Here's how: 

  1. Sign in to at the location level
  2. Select Settings from the left sidebar
  3. Select Kiosk Settings from the dropdown menu
  4. Select the kiosk(s) you want to update by clicking the boxes in the leftmost column of the Kiosk Table
  5. Click on the Kiosk App Installer button to bring up the app manager
  6. This will bring up the Kiosk Installer pop-up window, which consists of two components

    • The dropdown box on the left side of the window allows you to select the app version to install on your chosen device(s)
    • The table on the right side of the window shows which app version is currently installed on your device(s)
  7. Select the app version you want to install from the dropdown menu
    1. Note: We strongly recommend confirming with GRUBBRR's support team before rolling back your kiosk app versions to ensure that the update will benefit your devices
  8. Click Push To Kiosk to start the installation process
  9. The system will display a notification warning you to ensure that your device is plugged in and has a stable connection to the internet; select Confirm to start the installation

Once you've submitted, the GRUBBRR backend will display a notification at the top of the page that the update process has begun, and your kiosk will automatically run through the update process. This generally takes between two and five minutes. After the update, your kiosk will automatically sign back in, allowing your guests to use it immediately!

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