Clover SMB: Enabling Barcode Scan and Search on your GRUBBRR Kiosks

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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Version 4.0 and later of GRUBBRR's Clover SMB Solution supports Scan and Search mode on your GRUBBRR Kiosk. Enabling this mode allows your guests to scan items with barcodes configured in your Clover POS at the kiosk and add them directly to their cart. This mode also provides a search function, allowing guests to find barcoded items without showing them in your standard menu interface. If you'd like to use Scan and Search for your business, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to at the location level
  2. Select Settings from the left sidebar
  3. Select Kiosk Settings from the dropdown menu

  4. Find the kiosk you wish to configure in the Kiosk Settings table
  5. Click the blue Edit button in the Edit column of the table

  6. On the Kiosk Edit screen, make the following configurations:

    • Click the blue toggle to Enable Search & Barcode Scanning functionality on your kiosk
    • If you check  Hide all Barcode Items in Menu, barcoded items will only be displayed on your kiosk if they are scanned or if the guest searches for them specifically
  7. Click Save to apply your changes

Once these settings have been applied, you should see a new indicator at the bottom of your kiosk screen, like the one pictured below.


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