Clover SMB: 86'ing Items with your GRUBBRR KDS

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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When setting up your GRUBBRR KDS, you can enable a setting called Mark as Sold Out on Long Press. This setting allows you to use your GRUBBRR KDS to instantly send updates to your Clover POS and GRUBBRR Kiosk whenever you 86 a menu item. Here's how this feature works: 

  1. Select the order you wish to edit on your KDS
  2. Click the Down Arrow button in the bottom right of the order tile to expand the item list
  3. Tap and hold the item you wish to 86 for around two seconds to display the item options pop-up, which allows you to
  4. Tap Mark as Sold Out
  5. On the confirmation screen, check the box next to the item's name, then click Sold Out

Your KDS will automatically update your POS and your GRUBBRR Kiosk of the change. When guests start a new order at your kiosk, they will see an updated interface like the one below. Once the item is back in stock, you can re-enable it through your Clover POS system. 

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