Clover SMB: Setting up Textmunication with your GRUBBRR KDS

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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If you'd like, GRUBBRR can send real-time updates on your guests' orders directly from the KDS. For a nominal fee, the GRUBBRR Portal gives you complete control over when SMS alerts are sent out and even allows you to configure the messages your guests receive. If you'd like to use these features, follow the steps below. 

Setting up Textmunication in the GRUBBRR Portal

First, we'll need to connect Textmunication with your GRUBBRR KDS. To do so: 

  1. Sign in to at the location level
  2. Click Settings in the left sidebar
  3. Select KDS from the dropdown
  4. On the KDS Settings page, click on the Textmunication tab at the right side of the page
  5. On the Textmunication Settings page, make the following configurations:

    • Check the box for Use Textmunication to enable the service on your KDS
    • GRUBBRR will provide the Authorization Key and Phone Number for messages; please do not edit these fields
    • Select when you'd like to send SMS notifications:
      • When an Order is Received by the KDS 
      • When an order is Completed on the KDS
      • When an order is Canceled on the KDS
  6. Click Save to apply your changes

You can also send SMS notifications when an item in an order is marked as Sold Out on the KDS. If you'd like to enable this setting: 

  1. Click the KDS Settings tab at the top of the page
  2. Select the KDS you want to enable this feature for, and click the blue Edit button
  3. Scroll or search for the Additional Settings section
  4. Check the box to turn Notify Customer for Item Availability on
  5. Enter a custom notification message, if desired
  6. Scroll up and click Save to apply your changes

Customizing SMS Alert Messages

If you'd like, you can configure SMS alert messages in the Localization Settings section of your GRUBBRR Portal. To create custom SMS messages: 

  1. Click Settings in the left sidebar
  2. Click Localization Settings in the dropdown menu
  3. Scroll or search for the fields labeled KDS Setting, where you can configure the message that will be sent when an order is received, completed, or canceled on your GRUBBRR KDS
  4. Scroll up and click Save to apply your changes

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