Clover SMB: Setting up KDS Printers with the GRUBBRR Portal

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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In a previous article, we explained how to set up KDS Printers on your KDS Device. However, you can also add and manage KDS printers through the GRUBBRR Portal. If you'd like to add a new printer from the portal, you'll need to know the printer's Model and Mac Address.

  • Note: You should be able to find this information by searching for the printer through your Clover Flex device's Printer App. 

Once you have the required details, follow the steps below to link the printer to your GRUBBRR KDS: 

  1. Sign in to at the location level
  2. Select Settings in the left sidebar
  3. Select KDS

  4. Click on the KDS Printer Settings tab
  5. Click on Add KDS Printer

  6. On the Add Printer page, configure the following:
    • Give your printer an easily identifiable Name
    • Give your printer a recognizable App ID
    • Enter your printer's MAC Address; GRUBBRR will use this to find and connect with your device
    • Select the Printer Model from the dropdown box
    • Make sure that Live Device is checked on
  7. Click Save Changes to finalize the setup 

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