Clover SMB Troubleshooting: Checking Clover Flex Connections

Rob Knight
Rob Knight

If your Kiosk's Clover Flex payment device is not communicating with your kiosk correctly, it could be due to an issue with the physical connections between the two. You can check these connections by doing the following: 

  1. To check the connections to your GRUBBRR kiosk, carefully pull from the bottom right corner to remove the panel covering the kiosk's power supply.
  2. Locate your payment device's power adapter. Generally, you should find the adapter in the left-most outlet on your kiosk's internal power strip.
  3. Ensure that the plug is connected correctly to the outlet. 
  4. Next, locate the power brick for your Clover Flex device
  5. Make sure that the power cable is properly seated in the outlet of the power brick
  6. Next, locate the ethernet cord that connects your Samsung Kiosk to your payment device.
  7. Unplug the cable and plug it back in; you should hear a soft click when it’s properly connected 
  8. Next, look beneath the power strip shelf in the bottom left of the kiosk to locate the Clover Mini Triangle Hub
  9. Ensure that all required cords are correctly seated in the hub (pictured below); you should hear a soft click when you connect the cable to the ethernet port
  10. Make sure that your kiosk's One Connect cable is properly plugged in
  11. Restart your payment device and see if the errors have been resolved.

If your payment device is still not functioning properly, contact GRUBBRR support. 

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