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Samsung Kiosk Troubleshooting: Finding the APP ID and IP Address through your Kiosk's Internal Admin Settings Menu

Rob Knight
Rob Knight

If you have multiple kiosks at your location and are only encountering an error on one of those devices, it’s important to provide GRUBBRR’s support team with specific information about which device is having the issue. Luckily, so long as the device is active, you can easily access this information from the kiosk’s internal Admin Settings menu. To pull up this information: 

  1. Tap on your kiosk’s logo 5 times
  2. On the Confirm Pin pop-up, enter your device’s access code
  3. When the Admin Settings menu opens, tap on Device Info in the left sidebar
  4. On the Device Info page, copy the following information:

    • The device’s Current IP address, and
    • The device’s App ID
  5. Click Login Launch Kiosk to return to Kiosk mode

Please share this identifying information with GRUBBRR’s support team as part of your request. This will help us target our efforts, so that we can troubleshoot your request more efficiently. 

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