Android Kiosks: Hiding Modifier Images on your GRUBBRR Kiosk

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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By default, your GRUBBRR kiosk displays menu items and modifiers on cards, with high-definition images for each. However, if your Android kiosk is running version 12.0 or later of the GRUBBRR application, you can choose to remove images from all modifier cards on your device. This feature will cause your device(s) to display modifiers as small buttons, with only the modifier's name, rather than as full-sized cards with images. 

This allows your Kiosk to display more modifiers on the screen at once, and/or can create a "cleaner," "simpler" UI for your Guests. If you'd like to use this configuration on your kiosks:

1. Sign in to the GRUBBRR Portal at the Location level

Click here

2. Select "Configure" in the left sidebar

Click 'Configure'

3. Click "General Settings" in the Dropdown

Click 'General Settings'

4. Navigate to the "Kiosk" tab

Click 'Kiosk'

5. Enable the flag labeled "Hide Image from Modifiers"

Fill 'true'

6. Click "Save" to apply your changes

Click 'Save'

7. Click "Sync" to push your new configurations to your Kiosk

Click here



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