Android Kiosks: Using Esper MDM with your Microtouch Devices

Rob Knight
Rob Knight

GRUBBRR uses Esper to provide remote assistance for your Microtouch Android devices. If requested, your Project Manager or Client Success Manager may provide you with access to this service. To help you make the most of this service, one of our Senior Deployment Technicians has provided the following introductory tutorial videos for Esper. 

Signing in to Esper

To sign in to Esper, simply navigate to, and sign in with the credentials you were provided.

Navigating the Esper Dashboard

When you sign in, you'll be taken to the Esper Dashboard, which contains a high-level summary about your devices, including any potential security risks they might experience.

Devices and Groups

From the Dashboard, you'll navigate to the Devices and Groups section of Esper. All devices associated with your Esper account are organized into groups, making it easier to troubleshoot for a specific location. You'll start by locating the correct group, and then move to the correct device.

Remote Management

Once you've identified the device you want to interact with, you can use the Remote Viewer to engage with the device as if you were standing in front of it. Use this function to troubleshoot, take test orders, etc. 


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