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Items are the foundation of your menu. In the GRUBBRR Portal, there are a variety of settings that allow you to configure items in a way that suits your business. In this article, we'll walk you through some of the basics of item management and item creation. 

Item List Page

To access the item list page:

    1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal with your location's credentials
    2. Select ‘Menu’ from the left sidebar menu
    3. Select ‘Catalog Management’ from the dropdown
    4. Select ‘Items’ from the dropdown

Managing Items

From this page, you can create, edit, clone, and archive items. You can also change item status, manage modifiers and variations, customize images, and add configure upsells.

For more information about creating items, scroll to the 'Creating Items' header.


To edit an existing item, select the first icon (pencil on a blue background) under the 'Action' column. This will take you directly to the item screen. From here you can make any desired changes and select 'Save.'


Cloning an item allows you to create an item using the same settings as your cloned item with any necessary changes. To clone an item, select the second icon (overlapping boxes on a black background) under the 'Action' column.


To change the status of an item, select the third icon (circle on a red/green background) under the 'Action' column. If the icon is green, it indicates the item's status is active, if the icon is red, it indicates the item's status is inactive.


To archive an item, select the fourth icon (box on a black background) under the 'Action' column. An archived item will not appear in your menu and will be moved into the 'Archive' of your item list.

To view your archive, select 'Archive' in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From here you can un-archive items by selecting the same icon once again.


To manage item images, select the fifth icon (landscape on a blue background) under the 'Action' column. From here you can upload item images or swap out existing ones. Only one item image can be active at a time.


To view an item's modifier groups, select the sixth icon (sliding bars on a blue background) under the 'Action' column.


To manage an item's upsell options, select the seventh icon (arrow up on an orange background) under the 'Action' column. For more information about managing upsells, read the Upsells article.


To view an item's variation group, select the eighth icon (sliding bars on a yellow background) under the 'Action' column.

Creating Items

To create an item:

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR Portal at the Location level
  2. Select Menu from the left sidebar menu
  3. Select Catalog Management from the dropdown
  4. Select Items from the dropdown
  5. Select +Add New in the upper right section of the screen
  6. On the Item Creation screen, configure the following:
    • Enter a name
      • If you are not using a display name, the name will show everywhere for the item
      • If you are using a display name, the name will show in the Portal and the POS
    • Enter a display name if desired
      • This is a separate name for the item that will show on the kiosk
    • Enter a description into the 'Full Description' text field if desired
    • Enter an item price
    • Enter a value into the display order field
      • If you want your items to display in a specific order, you can edit that here (1 is first, 2 is second, 3 is third, etc.)
    • Select a category from the category dropdown
      • You can select more than one if desired, these are the locations on the menu where your item will show
    • Select a kitchen from the kitchen dropdown
      • You can select more than one if desired, these are the locations in your restaurant where the item will be sent to be prepared
    • If your item has modifier groups, select This item requires modifiers or toppings
      • Select the applicable groups from the list
    • Select Save

Item Management: Disable Item vs. Show on Kiosk/Pos/Online Order

On the Update Item page, there are three flags that can be toggled on or off as needed. As their names imply, the Show on Kiosk/Pos/Online Order flags allow us to control where in the GRUBBRR ecosystem an item will be displayed when its status is set to active. This helpful function makes it possible to offer kiosk-only menu items or to pre-build a menu item in the GRUBBRR Portal without having it show up on your kiosk before you're ready to start offering it to your guests. 

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