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Order History

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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You can view order history on the GRUBBRR kiosk and backend. For more information about reviewing order history from the kiosk, refer to the Kiosk: Device Guide

To view order history from the GRUBBRR backend:

  1. Log in to the GRUBBRR backend at the location level
  2. Select 'Orders' from the left sidebar menu
  3. Select 'Detailed Orders'
  4. Enter the desired date range at the top of the page
    • This will default to show yesterday and the current day
  5. Select the magnifying glass icon
  6. Select an order's invoice number to see a detailed summary of the order
    • You can:
      • Re-print a physical receipt
      • Email a copy of the receipt
      • Process a refund for eligible orders
        • FreedomPay, GRUBBRRPay


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