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Your GRUBBRR Kiosk is highly customizable with features controlling TipsDiscounts, Home Screens, Loyalty, Customer Data, and more. This article will cover all kiosk-related settings that can be found in the GRUBBRR backend, where to find them, and what they change.

Device Settings

To access device settings:

  1. Select ‘Configure’ from the left sidebar menu
  2. Select ‘Device Settings’ from the dropdown menu

From this screen, you can manage device settings and payment types.

To edit a device’s information, select the first icon under the ‘Action’ column (pencil on a blue background):

  • Enter an HSN to associate a Kiosk with a specific payment device
  • Cash Recycler: Assign a cash recycler to a kiosk to accept cash payments
  • Scanner: Assign a scanner to a kiosk
    • Toggle on the ability to scan barcodes


  • Manage and assign printers for each function
    • Token Printer: Prints a customer token if that function is enabled
    • Sticky Printer: Prints order tickets on sticky paper
  • Use Self Checkout Barcode Mode
    • Requires a scanner to be configured, changes kiosk mode

General Settings

General Settings is the home of virtually all device customization. The section is divided into four tabs, Common, Kiosk, POS, and KDS. For kiosks, the two tabs you will utilize are Common and Kiosk.

To reach the General Settings page:

  1. Select ‘Configure’ from the left sidebar menu
  2. Select ‘General Settings’ from the dropdown menu

Settings that are Blue and Bolded are highly recommended. Settings that are Bolded are frequently used.



Common is the first of the four general settings tabs. Common settings affect your entire GRUBBRR ecosystem.

  • Order Type
    • The various methods an order could be placed by a customer. The picture below covers just a few of the options you can enable. In this list, you can select several customizations: 
      • Display Label (Kiosk Only)
        • You can change the name of order types for the order selections screen on the kiosk
      • Display Order (Kiosk Only)
        • You can choose the order of each order type within the system by assigning them numbers. The order type assigned 1 will display first, 2 will be displayed second, etc.
      • POS / Kiosk / Online Ordering
        • Select these boxes to choose what order types are available through which channel
      • Kiosk - Table Tent
        • You can enable a setting that prompts customers to grab a table tent when picking a specific order type
      • Kiosk - Ask Customer Name / Phone / Email
        • You can choose what type of customer information the kiosk asks for at checkout
  • Store Closed Time Message
    • Enter a message to appear on the kiosk once store business hours are over
  • Store Timing
    • Hours must be set in order to make the kiosk active

  • Tip Setting
    • Enter header text and description text for the tipping window on the kiosk
  • Upsell Setting
    • Enter header text and description text for the upsell window on the kiosk
  • Payment Option
    • Toggle which payment options are available at this location. If a payment option you are looking for is missing, contact GRUBBRR customer support.
  • Gift Cards
    • Check 'Allow Purchase of Gifts Cards using Kiosk' to enable gift card purchasing.
  • Concessionaire
    • Check 'Uses Concessionaire' if you have any devices that will be using concessionaire mode.


Kiosk is the second of the four general settings tabs. Kiosk settings are exclusive to kiosk devices. The bulk of kiosk-related settings exists here.



  • Rounding Total
    • Tax values may cause totals to end up with decimals in cents, this option allows these totals to be rounded to the nearest cent value
  • Show Tip Dialog
    • This turns on tipping functions on the kiosk
  • Bar Code Reader Installed
    • Toggled if the kiosk has a barcode reader
  • Currency Prefix
    • Show currency in front of amount for item prices
  • Enable Cash Recycler
    • If you have a cash recycler paired with your kiosk, this should be selected
  • Show Calorie Counts
    • This will show any entered calorie information for items below the item name
    • When adding items you can enter calorie information in 'Additional Settings'
  • Show Available Inventory
    • If you are using inventory tracking, you can use this setting to show customers how many of certain items you have left
  • Show Item Tag Images
    • Small image markers that can display information about the item (ex: a ‘V’ for vegetarian options, a chili pepper for spicy options)
    • These image markers appear below the item image


  • Disable Item Special Request
    • The kiosk will default to having a special request box that customers can write anything in
    • You can disable this feature and hide that button
  • Hide Z Report
    • You can choose to not display Z Reports on kiosks
    • These reports contain information about sales, payment types, discounts, tips, etc.
  • Hide Item Tax Price
  • Minimize Spacing between Items
  • Hide Email Receipt Button
  • Builder Mode - Require All Steps Before Add to Cart
    • If you have builder mode enabled on items, this makes it so a customer has to go through every step before adding an item to their cart
  • Automatic Gratuity
    • You can choose for gratuity to automatically be added into order totals
    • Can be toggled as a Percentage
    • Automatic Gratuity Per / Amount
      • If percentage is checked, enter the percentage charged in the box here
      • If percentage is not checked, you can also enter a flat charge of gratuity here
    • Minimum No of Guest
      • Automatic gratuity can be triggered by orders with a set number of guests
  • Show Payment Screen
  • Enable Table Tents
  • Home Screen Message
    • You can choose what message to display on the screensaver page
  • Disable screensaver
    • The kiosk will never show the screensaver page
  • Hide ‘Starts at’ for variably priced items
  • Use Separate Image for Home Screen Background
    • You can attach a different image that will appear behind the order type selection screen
  • Upcharge Cash / Card
    • You can select a percentage or flat amount at which to charge customers extra for paying with either cash or card at a kiosk
  • Show Home Screen Logo
    • You can select this box to make your company logo appear on the kiosk's home screen


  • Use Loyalty Redeem: Can toggle on loyalty effects for returning customers
    • Use Custom Loyalty Logo: You can set a custom loyalty logo
    • Use Welcome Header Loyalty Logo
  • Show Splash Screen Message
    • You can choose to display a message on the kiosk home screen
  • Welcome Footer Text
    • Enter text for the bar at the bottom of the screen
  • Show Modifier Selection Popup
    • Modifiers will no longer appear on the item detail screen, instead you will only see modifier groups that you can select to see modifiers
  • Returning Customers Features
    • Returning customers will be able to view their most recently ordered items
  • Customer Name Dialogue when an Item is Added
    • You can customize the screen that asks for customer names
    • You can customize the header text, hint, and customer name label on the checkout page
    • This screen appears after selecting a menu item and clicking add to cart
  • Home Screen Options
    • You can customize what the home screen looks like from this page
    • You can select an image by uploading a file and selecting Show Image Background, or you can make the background a solid color with Show Solid Color Background and Select Color
    • If the kiosk is being used as a concessionaire, Show Concessionaire Grid should be selected
  • Timeout Settings
    • You can toggle how long it takes before the kiosk shows a “Are you still there?” message
    • This can be individually set for the checkout screen as well
  • Default Modifiers 86 Setting
    • Unavailable items will be set to This item is not available at this time
    • Unavailable default modifiers will be set to Allow add item to cart
  • Item Default Values
    • You can customize whether items default to classic mode or builder mode.
  • Receipt Settings
    • You can add custom header and footer text on customer receipts
    • You can also add custom header and footer text on the merchant receipt
  • Max Alcoholic Items per Order
    • You can choose to set a maximum for alcoholic beverages


  • Order Confirmation/Thank You Screen Settings
    • Thank You Message
      • You can add a custom thank you message to appear after customers place an order
    • Thank You Window
      • You can choose how long this window appears
  • Cancel Order
    • You can customize the image that displays when a customer cancels their order.
  • Thank You Order Receipt
    • You can customize the text and header of the physical receipt
    • Show Points Earned
      • You can choose to show points earned if loyalty is enabled
  • Thank You Email Receipt
    • You can customize the text and header of the customers’ email receipt, as well as add images
  • Customer Info. Dialogue in Payment Screen
    • You can customize the header and hint texts for the customer information pop-up
  • Table Tent Settings
    • You can customize the text that appears on the kiosk when a customer takes a table tent


ADA Settings

  • ADA Settings
    • You can choose to enable ADA settings, modify the background color, contrast color, and home image

Transparent Button

  • Use Transparent button
    • You can choose whether the order options buttons (ex: Dine In, Takeout) show up as transparent with solid text on the home screen
  • Border Color
    • You can choose the border color of transparent buttons


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