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To get your kiosk up and running quickly, follow these simple steps.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what this guide will show you

  • Which app to install on your POS device
  • How to use the GRUBBRR Kiosk Setup app
  • How to pair the Clover Flex payment device with the kiosk
  • How to access the GRUBBRR Kiosk Management Portal to customize your kiosk

Mount the Flex payment device

Your kiosk will be shipped with the payment device mounting hardware already installed. You’ll need a specific type of Allen key to mount the Flex; one will be included with the system.

First, you need to attach the power and Ethernet dongle to the back of the Flex device.

  1. Find the connector location on the back of your Clover Flex device01.png
  2. Plug the power and Ethernet dongle into the connector02.png
  3. Using the two provided screws and green screwdriver, tighten the dongle into place03.png

Next, you will install your Clover Flex device in the kiosk mount. These steps are detailed at roughly the :50 second mark of the above video. 

  1. Slide your Flex payment device into the mount as shownStep_01__1_.png
  2. Slide the side bracket into place as shownStep_02__1_.png
  3. Attach the side bracket to the mounting bracket using the two screws provided. Insert the screws from underneath the mounting bracketStep_03__1_.pngStep_04__1_.png

Setting up your kiosk and printer

Setting up your kiosk

Once you’ve placed your kiosk where you want it to go, you will need to get it connected to power and internet.


An Ethernet cable is not provided with your kiosk, thus you will have to purchase one of an appropriate length.

To connect an Ethernet cable to the kiosk:

  1. Gently pull off the lower back panel from the bottom
  2. Plug in one end of the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port
  3. Feed the cable down to the right and through the cable opening at the bottom
  4. Plug the other end of the cable into a router or switch
  5. Replace the back panel on the kiosk

Plug the kiosk power cable into an outlet.

To turn the kiosk on, open the printer compartment and hold the round white button down for about a second.


Installing the Kiosk application

Once you've set up your new kiosk, you will need to uninstall the factory default  application and replace it with your GRUBBRR kiosk app.  To install your GRUBBRR app: 

Uninstalling the Default App

  1. Hold one of the bottom corners of the kiosk screen until the passcode prompt appears. 
  2. Enter the kiosk device passcode provided to you by GRUBBRR
  3. Select Home
  4. Select App Management
  5. From the app management screen, select Uninstall Kiosk App

  6. Select Delete App on the Uninstall Kiosk App popup. 

Installing the GRUBBRR App

  1. Tap on App Management
  2. Select Install from Web Server

  3. Select Enter URL Manually
  4. Enter
  5. Select Done
  6. Select Install
  7. The kiosk application will open to the login screen, sign in using your location's credentials

Loading your printer

To access the printer, pull open the compartment at the bottom left of the assembled kiosk unit. 

Inside the compartment, you’ll find the printer; see below for a diagram.

  1. To access the printer, pull open the bottom left compartment from the front of the kiosk
  2. Pull the orange brackets apart slightly and insert the roll of paper. Be sure that the paper is unrolling from the top of the roll
  3. Lift up the rectangular orange tab
  4. Put the paper on top of the rollers and slide it through the opening
  5. Close the hinged metal piece onto the paper
  6. The paper will advance automatically if loaded correctly
  7. Close the printer compartment when finished

Installing the GRUBBRR Kiosk App on your Flex Device

Plug in the POS device. If the setup app is not installed yet, install it from the Clover App Market.

On the POS home screen, click More Tools to open the Clover App Market on the POS device.


Tap the search box in the top right corner and type Grubbrr Kiosk Setup. Then tap the magnifying glass on the onscreen keyboard.


Tap GRUBBRR Kiosk Setup in the results.

Tap the green Connect button and select your subscription plan. Then tap the green Connect button at the bottom of the screen.

Activating the GRUBBRR Kiosk App on your Flex Device

The GRUBBRR Kiosk App will help you link your Clover account to your new GRUBBRR ecosystem. There are two stages to this process: 

  1. Linking the GRUBBRR App to your Clover Merchant Account
  2. Creating your Company and Location with GRUBBRR

Linking the GRUBBRR App to your Clover Merchant Account

When you open the GRUBBRR app for the first time on your Clover Flex device, you will be asked to confirm your merchant information for billing. During this process, you will be asked to complete a few steps: 

  1. Select Yes to allow your GRUBBRR account to connect to your Clover Merchant Account
  2. Sign in to your Clover Merchant account
  3. If you have set up two-factor authentication for your Clover account, you will be asked to provide the authorization code now. 
  4. Finally, you will be asked to select the Merchant Account that will be connected with GRUBBRR. 

This will link your GRUBBRR app to your Clover Merchant Account. With this process complete, you can move on to the next stage of setup. 

Creating your Company and Location in GRUBBRR

If you’re just setting up your account for the first time, you’ll need to provide some information. To start the initial registration process, click No when you see this screen:


To get started, enter your email address on the screen below.


After you click Create Company, the system will automatically set up your account. You’ll get an email later explaining how to set your password.

Log in to your kiosk and give it a name

You will see a couple of screens similar to the following few.

Copy down the username, password, and access code; you’ll use them later to log into your kiosk.

After logging into your kiosk for the first time, you’ll be prompted to give it a name.





After you complete this step, your Clover menu will download itself onto your kiosk. You don’t need to do anything on the kiosk right now, so go back to the POS App.

Pair the Clover Flex payment device with the kiosk

During the kiosk setup process, the POS device will ask you to select your kiosk name and your Flex payment device serial number from a dropdown menu.


Refer to the screenshots below to see how to find your Flex device’s serial number.


Once you’ve found the Flex device’s serial number, select it from the dropdown on this screen.


Confirm that you’ve selected the kiosk and Flex device you want to pair with each other. If the name and serial number are correct, tap Next.


To finish pairing your Clover Flex and kiosk, you will need to use your kiosk. 

You’ll see a popup on the Kiosk screen like the one shown in the image below. Click Continue on the kiosk.


Check that the kiosk and POS device are paired

If you’ve successfully paired your kiosk and POS device, you’ll see this confirmation screen:


Click Finish.

Install CloudPay Display on your Flex device

Before you can use your Clover Flex to accept customer payments, you’ll have to install the CloudPay app on it from the Clover App Market.

To install the app, tap More Tools on the Flex device’s home screen.

Tap the Magnifying Glass in the top right corner.

Type Cloud Pay Display and tap the magnifying glass on the onscreen keyboard.

Tap the Cloud Pay Display icon.

Tap Connect at the bottom of the screen.

There’s only one subscription tier available, so you won’t need to make a selection. Tap Connect again at the bottom of the screen.

Customize your kiosk through the Kiosk Portal

Use the credentials you received by email to log in to the GRUBBRR Kiosk Management Portal.  Click here to follow along with our portal setup guide. This guide will walk you through customizing your menu, customizing your kiosk, and setting up your printer.


You’ve finished the setup process! Start selling!


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