Clover SMB: Finding Your Kiosk Login Credentials

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To log in to a kiosk, you’ll need the device login credentials and the kiosk access code. These credentials can be found in two different places: the GRUBBRR portal and your Clover Flex payment device. 

Finding Your Kiosk Login Credentials in the GRUBBRR Portal

You can find and configure your Kiosk Login Credentials in the Settings section of your GRUBBRR Portal. To access your login credentials:

  1. Sign in to the portal using your account credentials
  2. From the location dashboard, select Settings in the left sidebar
  3. Select Location Settings from the dropdown menu
  4. Scroll down to the Kiosk Login section

  5. Click the eye-shaped button to un-hide the password and the access code

You can change your device login credentials on this page,e too, but be aware that device usernames are limited to the following characters:

  • Letters and digits
  • ?, @, periods, and spaces

Device passwords can use any of those characters as well as the following:

  • Plus, minus, and equals signs
  • Backslashes and single or double quotes
  • Colons, semicolons and commas
  • #, $, *
  • Parentheses and square brackets

Finding Your Kiosk Login Credentials on Your Clover Flex Device

You can also find your kiosk credentials by opening the GRUBBRR app on your Clover Flex payment device. To pull up this information:

  1. Exit the Cloud Pay Display app on your payment device
  2. Open the GRUBBRR Kiosk app
  3. Select Credentials
  4. Your Clover Flex device will display the following information: 
    • Your Kiosk Username
    • Your Kiosk Password
    • Your Kiosk Access Code
    • The Email you use to sign in to the GRUBBRR Portal
  5. After signing in to your kiosk, exit the GRUBBRR Kiosk App
  6. Re-open the Cloud Pay Display app on your flex device to resume normal business operation

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