Replacing Your Clover Flex with a New Device

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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If for some reason, you need to replace your Clover Flex with a new device, we have a re-pairing process that you can follow from the Samsung Kiosk Setup App. 

To place the physical device into the bracket, follow the steps described in the Clover: QuickStart Guide. Once your device has been mounted and connected to the internet, proceed with the following steps.

  1. Using your Clover POS or new Clover Flex device, open the Samsung Kiosk Setup App
  2. Select ‘Troubleshoot Pairing
    • If you do not see this as an option, you may need to sign in again using your company's email address
  3. Make sure your kiosk is selected from the dropdown, then select ‘Nextimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_11_55_33_EDT_2022.jpg
  4. Find your flex device’s serial number, then select ‘Nextimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_11_55_53_EDT_2022.jpg
  5. Select your flex device from the dropdown, then select ‘Nextimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_11_56_06_EDT_2022.jpg
  6. Verify you have selected the appropriate devices, then select ‘Nextimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_11_56_16_EDT_2022.jpg
  7. Select ‘Next’ once more and head over to your kioskimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_11_57_01_EDT_2022.jpg
  8. Select ‘Continue’ on the kiosk screen, then wait for your devices to pair
  9. Select ‘Finish’ to complete the replacementimage-Date__Fri_Oct_21_12_02_17_EDT_2022.jpg

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