Introduction to Kiosk Portal and Navigation

Isabella Scharff
Isabella Scharff
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Your kiosk portal is home to all kiosk reporting and customization. 


When you log in, the first thing you will see is the dashboard. This is your home page, and also where you can see an overview of the day’s sales.



The left sidebar is your navigation menu.


'Reports' will give you access to all kiosk reporting information.

'Orders' is where you can process refunds and view detailed order information.

'Menu' is where you can customize your kiosk menu. The most common edits are things like Display Name and Display Order. The Menu section also contains Upsells. 

In 'Settings,' you can customize company and location information, kiosk settings and appearance, as well as printer information. 

'Support' will lead you to 'Logs,' 'Help,' and a 'Contact Us' page. 

Location Navigation

If your company has multiple locations, you can change the location you are viewing using the location dropdown at the top of the left sidebar.


Syncing and Account Management

At the top of the portal, there is a sync button and an account button. The sync button is a critical element of the portal as it is what allows your menu and changes to appear on the kiosk. 

From the account button, you can log out or change your password.


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