Verifone P400: Re-Pairing Process

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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If your Verifone payment device is showing an error message saying "Something went wrong", your device IP may need to be updated in the GRUBBRR Portal. These troubleshooting steps can also be followed to re-pair a Verifone P400 with the GRUBBRR Kiosk.

Finding the Device's IP Address

First, you'll need to find your payment device's IP address. The linked guide will walk you through the easiest way to obtain this information. 

Changing the IP Address in the Portal

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the relevant Location
  3. Select Configuration from the left sidebar menu
  4. Select Device Settings from the dropdown
  5. Find the kiosk your payment device is associated with in the list
  6. Click the blue Edit button in that device's row
  7. In the 'Payment Device HSN/IP/Device Identifier' text field, enter the IP address you found on the payment device's configuration screen
  8. Select 'Save'

Pairing the Payment Device with the Kiosk

  1. Tap the logo 5x on the kiosk's screensaver 
  2. Enter the access code
  3. Select 'Payment' in the left sidebar menu
  4. Select 'Register Verifone Device'

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