Item Mapping with Multiple Printers

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If your location has multiple kitchen printers for different workstations, GRUBBR can divide the order and map specific items to print at the appropriate station. To map items to specific kitchen printers, follow the steps below. Please Note: This guide assumes that you have already completed the steps to add your kitchen printers to Clover and connect them to GRUBBRR, as described here.

Supported Modules and Versions

  • Samsung 5.0+

  • Android 4.1+

  • Clover Portal

  • GRUBBRR Kiosk Portal

Configuring Multiple Kitchen Printers

All of the settings for Multiple Kitchen Printers must be made in the Clover Portal and synced with GRUBBRR. Please Note: GRUBBRR recommends configuring these settings after all menu items have been created and updated in the GRUBBRR Portal. To configure Multiple Kitchen Printers, follow the steps below:

Labeling Kitchen Printers

  1. Sign in to your Clover Portal
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select Printer Labels
  4. Select Add Label
    • Please Note: All Printer Labels must be unique. Each label should be clearly identifiable and distinct from the others (i.e., Salad Station, Fryer, & Dessert Station). Adding spaces before or after the name doesn’t make a name unique. 
  5. Select ADD ANOTHER LABEL as needed until all printers have been labeled. 

Mapping Items Labeled Printers

This process must be completed for each item assigned to any printer other than your default. To map an item to a printer:

  1. Within the Clover portal, open the Edit Item page
  2. Select orders and printing
  3. select the printer(s) the item should be mapped to
  4. Once you’ve mapped all items to the appropriate printer, sync the menu with the GRUBBRR Portal and Kiosk

Configuring the GRUBBRR Kiosk to use Clover's Default Firing Devices

Once you have mapped and synced your settings to GRUBBRR, we recommend verifying that your GRUBBRR kiosk has been configured to use your Default Firing Device for all kiosk orders.  For assistance with this process, please click here.

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