Android Kiosks: Customizing the Text on Order-Level Upsells

Rob Knight
Rob Knight
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GRUBBRR's Order-Level Upsells feature is a valuable tool, offering your guests an additional, high-interest item at the end of the ordering process. If you're an Android Kiosk user on GRUBBRR version 11.1 or later, you can actually configure the text we display in the order-level upsell popup to better suit your brand's unique identity. To do so: 

  1.  Sign in to the GRUBBRR Portal at the Location level
  2. Select Configure in the left sidebar
  3. Select General Settings from the dropdown
  4. On the common tab, scroll or search for the field labeled Upsell Header Text
  5. Enter the desired message, then scroll down and click Save

Remember- your new message won't appear on your kiosk until you sync the changes from your portal!

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